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Get the clean look of a wall-mounted TV with no visible wires! If your home entertainment equipment— cable/satellite box, Blu-ray, DVD, AVR, etc.—needs to be located away from the TV screen, DVDO AIR will make this placement incredibly easy. Best of all, there won’t be any unsightly wires connecting to the TV! The wireless DVDO AIR system transfers full, uncompressed 1080p HD, so you can watch 3D Blu-ray movies and enjoy full 7.1 channel surround sound flawlessly. It looks and sounds exactly the same as it would with a high performance HDMI cable, except there’s no cable. There’s just DVDO AIR.

Easy Connection Solution Hides the Cable
Wall mounted TVs look best with no cables dangling. But how do you do it without installing hidden wires? The DVDO AIR wire- less connector sends HDMI from cable-TV and satellite boxes, Blu-ray, DVRs, AVRs, notebook PCs and other devices to your HDTV. The Wireless Receiver mounts on the TV (exclusive DVDO AIR clip included!) or on the wall. Whether sending across just a few feet, or a large room, DVDO AIR delivers perfect picture and sound and eliminates unsightly cables.

Full HDMI High Definition TV Connection
Wireless HD systems are not all the same! Some compress HD, some don’t work with all HDMI features. DVDO AIR is fully HDMI compliant, capable of 1080p video, 7.1 surround sound, 3D and CEC (use TV’s remote to control the source.) DVDO AIR also integrates with DVDO HD Switching and Scaling components for full HD compliance throughout.

60-GHz technology for zero interference
DVDO AIR 60-GHz wireless technology achieves the highest performance coupled with interference-free operation. Because other wireless devices such as mobile phones, cordless phones and WiFi networks use much lower frequency radio signals (under 6-GHz) there’s no interference. With DVDO AIR, your home will be in wireless harmony.

All Inclusive System for All Homes
Whether you have a high-end home theater or a basic setup, DVDO AIR is right for you. Performance-wise the competitively priced DVDO AIR is top-tier, delivering perfect picture and sound quality without compromise. (DVDO AIR is designed to work with other DVDO high performance home theater components - including DVDO Switchers and Scalers — so there are no redundant features, helping save you money.) Best of all, everything you need is in the box.